Make a Quieter Statement with Sheath Wedding Dresses

Dramatic princess style wedding dresses are loved by most of the women. But for those who wish to keep everything simple on their weddings, simple and modern wedding dresses are the best choice. In modern society, more and more brides choose to have casual and comfortable weddings. They just want to enjoy their big parties in their lives. So, the simple sheath wedding gowns are becoming more and more popular among modern brides.

Volume is great and all, but for those brides who want to make a quieter statement come their big day, it's all about the sheath dress. A slim-fitting silhouette, sheaths create a straight line and are often crafted from softer, more billowing fabrics.

There are plenty of sheath gowns on the market can be both modern and glam. Whether you want to show off your killer figure or dream of something light and easy to move in, sheaths are a great, modern silhouette that will show off your curves in a sophisticated way.

Here are three top selling slim-fitting, stylish sheath wedding dresses at LunaDress. 

Short wedding dresses are the good choice for the summer wedding. What's more, it is much easier to handle than the long ones. If you are going to have an outdoor summer wedding, then you can have a look at this stunning short lace wedding dress. Tulle sheer boat neckline makes this wedding dress suitable for most brides. Despite the silhouette's subtle shape, the gowns are not lacking in glam factor. You can see beautiful flowers decorated on the dress hem. 

Sweetheart wedding dress is always trending wedding dress style in recent years.This wedding dress is suitable for all seasons. The whole wedding dress is decorated with lace appliques and beading, luxury and low-key at the same time. 

If you're the type of bride looking to emulate Old Hollywood,this chic and delicate V neck natural waist wedding gown is perfect! This glamorous dress is wonderful for a romantic lawn wedding or beach wedding. 

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Honeymoon trip in Brazil, places you should not miss!

Brazil is located in beautiful South America, beautiful scenery and passionate samba attracts large numbers of tourists to Brazil. Now, there is one more reason for you to visit Brazil: the 2014 World Cup. So in addition to the 12 cities which host World Cup in Brazil, is there any other place that you can miss?

The world's widest waterfall - Iguazu Falls

Iguazu is unusual since you can view totally different scenes from different locations, directions and heights. The top of the canyon is the center of the waterfall, the largest and most fierce currents, called "the devil throat." Waterfall is located in the two sides of the canyon, Argentina and Brazil is bounded on this canyon, the waterfall sceneries you can see in Argentina and Brazil are different. November 12, 2011 "new seven natural wonders of the world" was announced, the Iguazu Falls is on the list.

Ouro Preto
Ouro Preto is located in Minas Gerais which locates in the southeastern of Brazil, it is famous for gold mine. This city is was found in 1698. In the eighteenth century, gold diggers from Europe rushed to this city, the little city soon became the most beautiful and richest city in Brazil, it even became the wealth center of the America. When the New York, Chicago and St. Paul were still wastelands, Ouro Preto was already the most prosperous city in the Western Hemisphere.

Although today's mineral resources have been exhausted here, but Ouro Preto is still a major tourist city in Brazil. Here has the cleanest air and the most beautiful mountain of Brazil, you will fall in love with this city at the first sight.

Ubatuba, located in the southeast coast of Brazil, is one of the most important tourism cities in Brazil. It’s the place where Portugal signed the first treaty in America. Portugal took control of the city at that time. Only Portuguese was allowed to speak in this city. Before the 16th century, the local Tupi people had always been slaves.

The most unique tourism resources in Ubatuba are undoubtedly the beaches and islands, especially in the city's more than 70 beaches, and each beach is unique. You can enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The beaches here are very flat, really refreshing. The most important is that there are not too many people on the beaches compared to the beach in Rio, you can enjoy your time and do not worry about being disturbed. View beautiful beach dresses at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/beach-dresses-c371/ 


Hot In 2014 Season: Classic Lace Dress

Spring is a beautiful season, the mild climate in spring is extremely suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor social events. In such a beautiful season, do not miss the lace dresses if you want to appear beautiful and charming. Choose a delicate lace dress if you want to show your most feminine side out. Whether you wish to be sweet or sexy, you could easily release your fashion shine with lace dresses.

Lace Master Valentino told us that we should combine lace dresses with ethnic jewelries to build exotic styles. We can see his design concept in latest Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli series. Valentino insists on using lace in his works and finally brought lace back to our closet.

Look at this lace dress look from Veronika Heilbrunner who is senior fashion editor of “MyTheresa”. She wore a blue shirt with a beautiful lace dress. She looks youthful and vibrant! The pure light blue shirt brought us back to the beautiful school time. The sunglasses made her more stylish.

Russian star Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma wore the same dress with Veronika Heilbrunner. Two fashion icons selected this dress invariably. We can expect lace stitching mash will be a trend in this year. You can try this style boldly, you can also become the fashion focus on the street. By the way, who wore this dress better in your mind?

The famous fashion editor Anya Ziourova wore two Valentino dresses on the just-concluded fashion week, she easily caught the eyes of all the fashion photographers. How do you like her lace dress?

Famous model Miranda Kerr also appeared on the Paris Fashion Week, she wore a black lace dress and a black jacket. She was sexy and charming as usual.

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Dress Code For Traveling In May

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, do you plan to have some special activities in this season? Will you go to the beach for sunbathing? Will you take your pets for an interesting outing. Or will you go shopping with your friends? Today, I will offer you ideas on how to dress properly on different occasions and help you to stand out in the crowd.

Take your pets with you for one-day outing

If you want to have an outing with your pets in the country side, you’d better choose comfortable pants. Since your pets would run around, eat and excrete. You need to take care of your pets. If you wear dress, it will be quite inconvenient. As long as you have chosen the right pants, you can be eye-catching. In this season, pants with holes, edges, badge and high waist design are quite popular.

Go shopping with your best friends

A pair of comfortable flat shoes is quite necessary if you want to go shopping. The stylish strap jeans are also best choices for fashion icons. If you want to be more stylish and fashion, you can choose a pair of exaggerated sunglasses and laser clutch.

Attend party
Urban girls are increasingly inseparable with all kinds of parties, parties are not only very important part of social interaction, they are also the main battlefields for women to show their femininities. A bodycon dress will help to show your sexy figure. What you need are just a pair of high heels and a fashion handbag! You will never worry about your party looks with the Lunadress party dresses in this summer! 

Hot sale party dress
Do you have any plan in mind? If you already have a plan, start from now on! If you still have no ideas, why not plan for a journey?


How To Dress Properly To Attract The Attention of People

How to dress sexy? Does revealing clothes will certainly make you look very sexy? According to the research of Colin Hendry, a psychologist in University of Leeds, women who expose 40% of their whole skins are the most charming. Hendry believes there is a proportion of gold exposure.

In order to get "scientific" data, Colin asked 4 women to do the survey in the biggest night club in the city. The results showed that woman caught the attention of most men in the club when her scantily clad degree is 40%. So, if you want to catch the attention of people on the party or prom, keep this dress code in mind.

He also concluded that girls who wore body-con dress and can dance were more attractive. Proper scantily clad degree can help you stand out. In this survey, he found that if the women exposed 40% of their skins, the times of women being invited by men were about twice of the women who dress sparingly or too exposed.

Going Out Dress From LunaDress
According to his survey, we find that the dress that exposes 40% of the skin is sleeveless knee length dress. Too exposed dresses will be counterproductive. If the dress of a woman is very exposed, people may think that she is very flippant. So, if you want to appear charming, you do not have to wear too exposed clothes.

Going out Dress From LunaDress
You will be so happy to find that there are plenty of dresses which satisfy this proportion of gold exposure. Do not waste time; just begin to shop at LunaDress. Different kinds of party & cocktail dresses can meet your needs. The cheap price and good quality will help you save a lot of money on the dresses. Just click at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/party-cocktail-dresses-c339/

Cocktail Dress From LunaDress
Of course, this dress principle is not suit for every woman, you must make comprehensive consideration before you choose your dress, you have to think about your skin color, your body shape and your character. 


Useful three steps on choosing dresses

Every girl who loves beauty wishes to own many beautiful dresses. However many girls would feel confused when they face the colorful dress sea. When we pick a dress, we should be critical and self-confident. But when we are facing the colorful dresses on the shelves, we sometimes also feel confused, unable to start. Here are three very easy steps for you.

First, you should decide your dress length. Dresses with different lengths give people completely different feelings. Short dresses make people who wear them appear lively and vivacious, while long dresses give us elegant and gentle feelings. You can appropriately increase your dress length with the increase of your age. When you try on the dress, you should notice whether the breech is smooth and whether crony is close to the waist. For tight dresses, the dress length should be longer since the dress will shrink up when we sit down. The prom night is coming, Lunadress provides large numbers of short prom dresses for the young girls. You can check at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/short-prom-dresses-c232/ to view details.
Short prom dress from LunaDress
Then, you should consider the dress details. For tall and slim women, you can choose dresses with lantern sleeves, you should not wear dresses with narrow waist. For girls with narrow shoulders, bateau neck dresses work well on you. For big girls, you’d better not choose pleated skirts. For short girls, empire dresses are your best choices.
Long prom dress from lunadress
At last, you can decide your dress color. If you are very thin, you must not wear too dull colors, especially not wearing all-black dress, you'd better stagger the colors, if you want to wear black, you can add some other colors like red to your dress, this can not only break the dull feeling, moreover, this will make you look more stylish. Thin people can’t wear tights, you’d better wear casual clothing, preferably in light colors. 
Hot sale blue prom dress from Lunadress


Four Places You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing wedding Dress

The wedding day is big day for many girls. If you wish to appear special and charming, a wedding dress with good quality is necessary. How to choose a good quality wedding dress? Here are some very useful tips and places that you must pay attention to when you are choosing a wedding dress.

Wedding dress fabric
The dress fabric is very important for a wedding dress. The dress fabric to a wedding dress is like the soul to a person. The wedding dress fabric is the most critical factor in determining the quality of a wedding dress. When you are choosing a wedding dress, you will find that two wedding dresses with similar workmanship and styles have very big price difference. Usually, wedding dresses are made of satin, lace, tulle and chiffon. Good fabrics have very shining luster and smooth texture.

Workmanship of the wedding dress
Most of the wedding dresses combine handmade workmanship and mechanic workmanship. High quality wedding dresses are usually all made by hand. Handmade wedding dresses look more refinement compared to mechanic made wedding dress.

Dress design
The wedding dress design is also a very important selecting principle for wedding dress. If a wedding dress has very good fabric and workmanship, but do not has good dress design, it is not a perfect wedding dress. As a person who has a great talent but do not know how to show up, everything is useless.If you are looking for a wedding dress with fashion design, come to lunadress, the latest wedding dresses 2014 will bring you the air of the new styles. Just click at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/wedding-dresses-c169/ to find  them. 

Dress details
Dress details of a wedding dress are very important. Many famous wedding dress designers would pay much attention to the dress details. The embellishments like sequins, embroidery and beading on the wedding dress are very important details which can highlight the whole wedding dress. 

Vera Wang wedding dresses are the ideal wedding dresses for many brides, however a Vere Wang wedding dress is too expensive for some bride. If you love the wedding dress designed by Vera Wang, you can choose White By Vera Wang series, they are also dresses designed by Vera Wang, but come with very low prices. 


Choose Lace Wedding Dress For Your Coming Wedding

The fashion trends about wedding dresses are rapidly changing, lace wedding dress is a timeless classic element. There are so many kinds of lace clothes, such as the elegant long-sleeved lace dress, the sexy lace corset, the beautiful lace parasols, the romantic lace jacket and other accessories, the use of these lace elements from different angles reflect the unique qualities of the modern brides.

Reem Acra, famous for vintage and restrained style dresses, launched its spring 2014 wedding dress. In this wedding dress serious, the most eye-catching thing is the lovely lace parasol. Slim and elegant long tulle enveloped the bride and brings a dreamy and beautiful exotic, this lace parasol is also very practical, it can help shield the hot sun in summer when you have outdoor wedding, really romantic and practical both.

Lace long sleeve wedding dress is also an integral part of a quarterly series of classic wedding styles. Lace long sleeve design is elegant, dignified and yet feminine, no wonder Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton choose this classic wedding style in their weddings. If you have a princess dream, you may choose such classic long-sleeved lace dress as your wedding dress for your special day!

Lace can not only interpret elegant and dignified royal style, but can also shows us a perfect interpretation of the bride's sexy. Bra-style retro lace bras use hollow design, highlighting the bride's slim waistline, sexy but not hot. To fill the gap with the general fresh, smooth vertical stacked three-dimensional fold skirt, bring out both the mature, sexy and elegant side of the bride. Lunadress have launched many lace wedding dresses for 2014, check at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/lace-wedding-dresses-c181/ to view details.

Lace can also bring magical effect to very simple things, so many fashion designers are very fascinated about lace styles. Look at this wedding dress from Marchesa spring and summer 2014 wedding series, this simple style Bra-style wedding dress is decorated with lace collar skirt , this simple wedding dress immediately become so charming. 

If you are interested in the wedding dress fashion for 2014, just check at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/wedding-dresses-c169/ to discover the newly launched wedding dresses!


5 principles on choosing wedding colors

At the beginning of the wedding preparation, choosing colors for the wedding is a crucial step, this will determine the colors of your invitation card, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, etc. It’s not very easy to choose your favorite colors in all kinds of colors, but the wedding is a stage to show your personality, any of your favorite colors can be used as the main color of the wedding. Here are five principles you must follow when you choose your wedding colors, these will help you to avoid common prospective errors in the selection of wedding color.

Do not limit to 2-3 colors
In the past, the wedding planner will usually recommend that you choose a few wedding colors, no more than 3 colors, including a main color and two accessorial colors. However, in a lighthearted style wedding, the colorful rainbow colors are amazing. As long as you have done a harmonious combination of colors, the colors can be blended in harmony, not making people feel disorganized. Look at this attractive colorful wedding cake, it’s so lovely!

Decide your wedding colors as early as possible
In the selection of the wedding color scheme, try not to delay. Your wedding colors will run through your entire wedding from the guests receive your wedding invitation. After deciding the wedding date and venue, negotiate with the wedding planner and decide wedding color is a priority, so as to ensure your other details comply with your color principle. If your guests receive a pink invitation, I’m sure that they will outline a dreamy rose wedding in the heart.

Do not give up bright colors
Not only pastel colors can be the wedding colors, if you prefer strong, bright and highly saturated colors, you can also choose them in your wedding color scheme. Bright colors will add a fashion atmosphere to the wedding, especially blue and yellow mix, the bold use of bright colors can bring unexpected results. Find your inspirations in your home or closet and choose the right colors which close to your personal tastes.

Do not ignore wedding venue
Most wedding venues have some decorative elements that can’t be changed, such as carpets, chairs, curtains, etc., so in the selection of color, we must consider the space factor. If you choose a bold and rich wedding color scheme, the best choices are galleries, art salons and other modern-style building, white walls and high ceiling space are better at creating a modern atmosphere.

The colors for bridesmaid dresses do not have to be unified
Maybe the skin colors and hair colors of your bridesmaids are different, unified color can’t guarantee that everyone looks brilliant. So, many brides will choose bridesmaid dresses according to the skin color and hobbies of every bridesmaid. As long as the colors are coordinated, colorful bridesmaid dresses make your bridesmaid group more attractive and eye-catching in the wedding photos. Find perfect bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid group at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-c258/.

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